5 Ways Reflexology May Help Cancer Patients

Multiple research studies in various countries, including the US, have shown that Reflexology can be effective to help cancer patients in the following ways:

  • Decreased nausea and vomiting when undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. This isn’t really surprising since Reflexology has been shown to be effective in helping the body return to balance. Just about every sort of digestive problem can be positively impacted with Reflexology, including nausea.
  • A significant and immediate effect on pain; often reducing the need for pain medications. In fact, a study on non-traditional pain management techniques conducted with 1,800 cardiovascular, surgical, oncology and orthopedics patients found that many alternative therapies were capable of significantly relieving pain levels by more than 50 percent across the patient groups tested. For cancer patients looking for alternatives to prescription drugs to manage pain, the studies report Reflexology can deliver results.
  • Improved energy and reduced fatigue – Again this is one of the benefits routinely reported by most of my clients. It’s no surprise that cancer patients would experience the same benefits from Reflexology sessions.
  • Improved mental outlook – This was the effect that most surprised researchers conducting studies on Reflexology for cancer patients. Study participants reported markedly increased feelings of well-being and greatly reduced anxiety. In some studies participants reported they also felt more capable of coping with their situation after receiving Reflexology. Yet again, this is another benefit of Reflexology routinely reported by many of my clients.

I believe as we watch these research studies evolve in coming years another significant area will be documented and that is Reflexology’s ability to relieve stress. While not vastly different from the “improved mental outlook” benefit already reported, the ability to rid our bodies of stress is achieving more recognition today as an area of critical importance to our physical health. Some reports from the medical community have attributed up to 75% of our health issues to stress. Most of my clients who are also cancer survivors tell me relief of stress is tremendously important in their self-care routines post-cancer treatment. We lead such stressful lives these days! New clients are often surprised at the end of a Reflexology session by an understanding of how different they feel when stress is relieved. If our bodies don’t ever feel the absence of stress, how can we pursue vibrant health? I believe Reflexology can help us learn to better recognize and, hopefully, avert stress.

If a friend or loved one is battling cancer, please share this information with them. I’m pleased to provide more research study details in a free consultation.

This is the disclaimer to remind you that I am not a licensed physician and cannot give medical advice or treatment.  The information presented here represents my personal opinion, my summarization of research reports I have reviewed, and the verbal reports of some of my clients. As always, consult your doctor if you need medical advice or treatment.

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