Reflexology for PMS?

Remember this old joke? “What’s the difference between a woman with PMS and a pit bull? … Lip gloss!” Most women can recall having had a premenstrual cycle that left them behaving a lot like an angry pit bull (and many men will attest to that behavior). PMS isn’t fun. Some of the most common symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, cramps, joint pain, bloating, weight gain, acne flare ups, depression, anger, anxiety and an inability to concentrate.  That’s just the highlights, though, did you know there can be up to 150 symptoms? Hey, fellas, you’d be depressed and angry too!

Many women just live with the problem or treat the symptoms with over-the-counter medications. Some of us assume the PMS symptoms will improve as we age. Some of us who didn’t experience severe PMS problems in our twenties and thirties find symptoms worsen as we move closer to menopause. When the problem is severe, we may work with our medical doctor to receive prescription medications to help with pain or depression. However, many of us today don’t want to take medications that may add side-effects to the long list of PMS symptoms we’re already trying to overcome. So what if there’s another way?

Studies conducted in Denmark, China, Korea and the USA have shown that reflexology can be effective in helping to address PMS symptoms. Reflexology simply helps the body return to balance naturally, so a reflexology session may relieve stress and pain, help to alleviate hormone-related symptoms, improve sleep, mental outlook and energy. Many of my clients have reported reduced PMS issues after reflexology. Some clients reported an immediate improvement after just one session and others have needed multiple sessions to find relief. Every woman is different and each body reacts to reflexology in its own way. If you’re looking for a solution to PMS, then I encourage you to give reflexology a try!

This is the disclaimer to remind you that I am not a licensed physician and cannot give medical advice or treatment. These are my personal opinions and my summary of research as well as verbal and written reports of some of my clients. As always, consult your doctor if you need medical advice or treatment.
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4 Responses to Reflexology for PMS?

  1. Hello Susan,

    As a reflexologist and the father of five daughters, I can attest to the benefits of providing reflexology during those times of “emotional and physical imbalance” that challenged our household – seemingly on a never-ending rotation!
    Reflexology was a standard protocol when one (or more) of my daughters began to feel the symptoms of PMS coming on. And, I have to say, it did reduce the angst and energy of a full-on outbreak of PMS!
    It also made me a better reflexologist and afforded me the opportunity to become closer to my daughters. They still ask for reflexology sometimes 🙂
    To be proactive, I taught them how to give themselves reflexology on their feet, hands and ears. This empowered them to take action and alleviate those darn PMS symptoms before they took hold. I still chuckle when I picture all of us watching television together and they’re all sitting there tugging on their ear lobes – ah, the memories.
    Thanks for a great post and the trip down memory lane.

    Wayne Nelson
    Redmond Reflexology

  2. This makes sense if reflexology reduces stress levels especially. Anything that can help bring some level of hormonal balance to women with PMDD or PMS should be given a try for everyone’s benefit … but I think it might have to be in conjunction with other natural therapies.

    • Susan Mix says:

      As I always try to stress in my posts, reflexology works with your particular body and every woman is different. Many women find Reflexology can resolve their PMS issues and it is especially wonderful at reducing stress. A few women may need other therapies to fully address their problems.

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