Should We Talk During Your Reflexology Session?

The answer is “Yes” and “No”.  An ambivalent answer, I know, but read on to find out why! When you come in for our first session, of course we will talk. There will be discussion about the information on your intake questionnaire and there may be questions that you have about what is happening during the reflexology session. We will also be working together to find a pressure level that is comfortable for you while I am getting to know your feet.  At the beginning of subsequent sessions, you need to let me know how you are feeling and whether any new issues have come up since the previous session or if you feel there’s been improvement in any area.  It’s also helpful if you share how stressful or relaxing things have been at home and at work since the last session. This information helps me to determine where we are making progress, which reflexes should be a focus and if particular protocols might be useful for you.

Depending on your areas of concern, we may work together through certain protocols that will involve talking. Usually we will handle those first in the session and then focus on letting you relax for the remainder of the session. of stress as well as helping the body’s parasympathetic nervous system become dominant are key to success with reflexology, so at a certain point in the session it’s wonderful for us to become silent. I recommend that unless you are expecting an emergency contact, you silence your mobile phone at the start of a session. There’s not much that is so critical it can’t wait for an hour.

In silence I can often “listen” to what your feet have to say more effectively than when we are chatting. In silence you can often enter a theta brainwave state that you probably won’t achieve when we are talking. EEG studies done by Dr. Jesus Manzanares documented theta wave induction with foot reflexology application. Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, spiritual awareness, prayer, etc. This is the perfect time in your session for us to visualize improvement in your areas of concern and to reflect on a successful outcome for you. Some of my clients use this quiet time to visualize success at their next competition, presentation, interview, or similar event.

Wondering how you can close your eyes, relax, not talk and still let me know when a spot on your foot is very tender? Remember, professional Reflexologists generally work with the client in a chair rather than having the client lying flat on a massage table. That’s because it is very important for the Reflexologist to be able to see the client’s face throughout the session. We are taught to validate whether there is sensitivity in an area just by watching the tension on the client’s face.  So don’t feel it’s necessary to talk throughout the entire session. Close your eyes, be silent and relax. You just may find this will make your sessions even more effective!

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