Insist on the original and the best! Remember, I practice the original Reflexology method developed by Eunice Ingham which spread around the world via her books and students. Not all therapies purported to be Reflexology today are real Ingham Method®. Don’t settle for an imitiation!

Discount Wellness Packages are offered for multiple sessions (available for most therapies). Wellness Packages may be shared with friends and family – just designate their names at time of purchase. This information is shared with you at your initial visit.

50 Minute Foot Reflexology – $100 

Recommended for new clients. Complete relaxation and therapy session including focus on protocols for your specific health concerns as well as zero-point energy wanding if warranted. NOTE: If you are new client for fertility or maternity, please select the appropriate session below.

70 Minute Hand & Foot Reflexology – $140

Ultimate relaxation session, also recommended as an initial session for those having hand or arm issues. Includes focus on protocols for your specific concerns as well as zero-point energy wanding if warranted.

Maternity Clients – Initial and/or Complex – $150

Pregnant clients making their initial visit for foot reflexology MUST schedule this session. 80-85 minutes duration including intake discussion. (May also be recommended/scheduled after initial visit for those maternity clients with complex issues which require longer than a standard session, if so advised by Susan.)

Fertility Support Session – $150

For men or women who are trying to conceive a child, this 75-80 minute session focuses on assessing sensitivity in the endocrine gland reflexes, then balancing those reflexes plus relieving stress throughout the body to support fertility.

30 Minute Hand Reflexology – $65

Recommended only for those with injuries, recent surgery and other health conditions preventing therapy on the feet. Foot Reflexology is recommended where possible as the reflexes in the feet are larger and less layered.

15 Minute Zero-Point Energy Wanding – $40

Based on quantum physics, this therapy allows bio-energetic fields to source life force energy to help remind the cells and energy meridians their appropriate healthy frequency. This is a great therapy for recent injuries or pets who aren’t feeling their best.