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Detoxing with IonCleanse®

This article was provided by A Major Difference, Inc., manufacturer of the wonderful IonCleanse® Detox Footbath, which I offer as one of my therapies. I’m pleased to share it with you. This is the disclaimer to remind you that I … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dehydrated, Am I?

I know, I know…you think you drink enough water. You’re not thirsty, right? A few years ago, I thought the same. Even though two Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners told me to drink more water. Even though my opthalmologist despaired over … Continue reading

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Improving Health Through Detoxification

Read about a nurse who has used ion cleanse herself to help with kidney problems: “I was skeptical,” she admitted. “I kept trying to find fault. But I felt better.” Now, four and a half years later, without dialysis, her … Continue reading

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