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Reflexology and the Digestive System

Clients often ask me why their tummy will begin making loud gurgling noises mid-way through their reflexology session. In order to understand that, first you need to understand the effect that the nervous system has on our digestion.  To summarize … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dehydrated, Am I?

I know, I know…you think you drink enough water. You’re not thirsty, right? A few years ago, I thought the same. Even though two Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners told me to drink more water. Even though my opthalmologist despaired over … Continue reading

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Battling The Winter Blues

This morning I’m just back from walking a couple of miles in today’s wonderful sunshine and fresh air.  I’m still getting over that nasty virus that’s been going around which lodges in your chest and takes weeks to go away, … Continue reading

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Reasons Athletes Use Reflexology

Whether you’re a pro-athlete, semi-pro, or a just a weekend warrior trying to stay healthy, incorporating Reflexology into your fitness program can provide amazing benefits. Here’s a few reasons both research and my clients say Reflexology can help athletes: According … Continue reading

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The Pollution Within by National Geographic

Modern day conveniences have a chemical effect.  Check out this National Geographic report about the toxins that may be in your body: The Pollution Within

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