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Reflexology for PMS?

Remember this old joke? “What’s the difference between a woman with PMS and a pit bull? … Lip gloss!” Most women can recall having had a premenstrual cycle that left them behaving a lot like an angry pit bull (and … Continue reading

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Have Pain In Your Heels?

Many clients report pain in the heel with their first steps upon getting out of bed in the morning. This is a classic symptom of plantar fasciitis, also sometimes called “heel spurs” or “arch pain”. The plantar fascia (pf) is a tight, … Continue reading

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5 Ways Reflexology May Help Cancer Patients

Multiple research studies in various countries, including the US, have shown that Reflexology can be effective to help cancer patients in the following ways: Decreased nausea and vomiting when undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. This isn’t really surprising since Reflexology … Continue reading

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Battling The Winter Blues

This morning I’m just back from walking a couple of miles in today’s wonderful sunshine and fresh air.  I’m still getting over that nasty virus that’s been going around which lodges in your chest and takes weeks to go away, … Continue reading

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Reflexology for Bunions?

I’m getting a lot of calls this month from women wondering whether Reflexology might help with bunions or bunionettes. A bunion begins with inflammation and swelling of the small fluid-filled sac (bursa) on the first joint of the big toe, … Continue reading

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Reasons Athletes Use Reflexology

Whether you’re a pro-athlete, semi-pro, or a just a weekend warrior trying to stay healthy, incorporating Reflexology into your fitness program can provide amazing benefits. Here’s a few reasons both research and my clients say Reflexology can help athletes: According … Continue reading

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Study Shows Reflexology Helps Reduce Pain

From Personal Liberty News Desk – Summary of results in a recent study by Abbott Northwestern Hospital showed reflexology and other alternative therapies can effectively reduce pain levels by more than 50%: Non-traditional Pain Management Techniques Found To Be Effective … Continue reading

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Four Reasons I’m Addicted To Reflexology

I’m addicted to reflexology and here’s why: 1. Stress Relief 2. Reducing Pain 3. Promoting Circulation 4. Hand & Foot Health Reflexology is one of the best methods for achieving complete relaxation and releasing stress from the body. For me … Continue reading

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